Saturday, 16 June 2018

Everything is better when the Roughriders win

The Roughriders get set to charge out of the tunnel at Mosaic Stadium.
    REGINA - Everything is better when the Saskatchewan Roughriders win, when you live in the “Land of the Living Skies.”
    On Friday night, the Saskatchewan Roughriders opened their 2018 regular season schedule downing the defending Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts 27-19 before 29,788 spectators. At that moment when the Roughriders win and you live in Saskatchewan, everything becomes great.
    The sun rises bright and warm in the morning.
    That drive down from a centre outside Regina through piles of road construction no longer seems that bad.
    That Big Mac you eat at McDonald’s tastes better.
Fans dance at the tailgate party outside Mosaic Stadium.
    The person you are attracted to or your better half looks that much hotter.
    Two losses in the pre-season don’t seem that bad.
    The Roughriders players have an extra hop in their step when they meet the fans outside the stadium after the game.
    Newcomer Charleston Hughes looks just so good and natural wearing that green and white colour scheme making three sacks coming off the end of the defensive end. You feel bad he had to spend all those years wearing that awful red and white of the Calgary Stampeders.
Roughriders QB Zach Collaros fires a TD pass to Naaman Roosevelt.
    The vanilla latte at Starbucks takes that much sweeter.
    The coffee at Tim Horton’s is fresher.
    A post-game Pilsner goes down that much more smoothly.
    Brett Lauther’s one missed field goal doesn’t seem that much of a big deal. He made four-of-five kicks against the Argonauts and the 27-year-old becomes a field good story of perseverance kicking professional football since 2013 looking for a real chance to play and stick.
    Gainer the Gopher looks way more entertaining.
    Starting quarterback Zach Collaros looked that much more natural guiding the Roughriders offence. He completed 18-of-25 passes to nine different receiver for 203 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions.
    It was the 29-year-old’s first winning start since Sept. 16, 2016, when he guided the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to a 20-17 victory over the Montreal Alouettes. You know more wins are coming Collaros’ way.
Roughriders DB Ed Gainey knocks down a pass attempt.
    The farmer notices all his crops are coming up nice and healthy in the fields.
    The long days on the oil patch go that much more quickly.
    The Rider Cheer team is more awesome than they normally are.
    A trip out to the lake or the beach is so much more relaxing.
    You already envision the guilty pleasure of running over that minor speed bump known as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
    First-year cornerback Nick Marshall looks like a perfect fit taking an interception back 66 yards to the house against one of the CFL’s all-time greats in Argonauts quarterback Ricky Ray.
    Head coach and general manager Chris Jones looks way cooler in his black sunglasses and his all black attire.
    The noise at Mosaic Stadium sounds louder.
    The celebrations by the receivers seem a step more creative and humourous.
    You know seeing that win on television will urge those that didn’t go to the game to go to one in the future.
Roughriders OL Brendon LaBatte gets set to drill an Argos linebacker.
    All of a sudden, the work on the farm or any other occupation one is involved with can be put on hold to join the rest of Rider Nation for a few hours to have a good time.
    Running back Jerome Messam looks that much more powerful running through people for 72 yards on 21 carries.
    Linebacker Derrick Moncrief looks that much more intelligent showing up all over the field to make eight tackles.
    The blocks of offensive linemen Brendon LaBatte and Dan Clark look more powerful.
    The amount of fun increased at the pre-game tailgate party.
    The expensive meal at the fancy restaurant is well worth the money.
    The turnaround to play the Redblacks, who come off a bye week, in Ottawa this coming Thursday doesn’t look as daunting.
Gainer the Gopher meets the fans after a Roughriders touchdown.
    Here is to the Roughriders piling up whole bunch of more wins this season. At this moment after Friday’s win, your mood is so great you already envision the Roughriders lifting the Grey Cup over their heads on November 25 at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.
    At this point, the good times are going to roll, because the Roughriders have won a game.

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